Long Time No Hook!

Greetings everyone, and a Happy (although belated) New Year! I haven’t been doing much crochet over the past few months, mostly because I’ve been distracted by sewing, egads I caught the thread bug! But I have been making some cool things, I started out making this quilted wall hanging using fat quarters and fusible webbing, I call it ‘Water Garden’:


I was pretty pleased with how that came out for a first time quilting expedition, so I made my hubby this one – ‘Desert Mission’  for Christmas:


Since I don’t have the patience to sew together all the teeny little pieces it would have taken to do most of it, I painted muslin fabric with acrylic paints for the mission, trees, rock wall and clay bowl and hand-appliqued those onto the quilted background.  Although there’s a fair amount I would do differently on both if I did them over again, I do like how each came out. I am now in quilting H-E-double-hockey sticks trying to make a quilt for the bed (silly ambition), if it comes out presentable I’ll snap a pic and post it. This afternoon I finished some pillows I just adore, I’ll do a new post on them with pics and a link to the blog with the tutorial, they are sooo cute!

Hope everyone is having a spiffy and craft-filled new year, I have an idea for a crocheted afghan, if it pans out I’ll post the pattern after completion.


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