Thank you, MM!

Thank you so much for the generous contribution, I really didn’t intend anyone to contribute since my last post but am so touched that you did.

I will leave the blog and patterns up, I tend to doubt I will be writing more crochet patterns but you never know, inspiration may smack me in the head and I’ll be helpless not to share anything that comes of it. 🙂


It’s Been Quite A While

I haven’t posted anything here in quite some time, partially because I’ve been doing more quilting and sewing than crochet work and not writing any patterns for either. I actually signed in and came here to say I was deleting the blog and to ask any who follow to save the patterns, I may still do that (so save any patterns you’d like to keep) but maybe not just yet. I see there’s still some traffic and apparently folks using the patterns and my whole reason for putting them on the net was to share with others.

But it seems likely I won’t be doing much if any crochet in the future; I was recently asked to make a chevron baby blanket, I like crocheting but had done less as the skein size decreased while the price increased – Caron’s Simply Soft had been 7 ounces for $2.08 at Walmart when I first began writing the amigurumi patterns around 2005, as the economy worstened the price increased and the skeins shrunk to 6 ounces. I hadn’t made a blanket in almost 2 years (getting 6 ounces of lesser quality Simply Soft [not as soft, easier to tangle and split] for 4.29 at Michael’s was very disappointing) and now, the price is up again, 4.49 and the skein has shrunk again, 5 ounces – I don’t have the time nor inclination to search out or wait for skeins to go on sale (and not that much of a sale price when you consider skein size), this is ridiculous and I’m simply not doing it anymore.

All good things must come to an end I suppose, and so too will my crocheting, I cannot find a justification for these scrawny skeins and insane prices, I feel for those who sell crocheted creations, it must be hell in that sector these days. If I continue to let this blog live, I’ll post some things I’ve sewn, but the crochet patterns have sadly come to an end. My deepest thanks to all who still visit and have contributed, I’ll likely remove the donation buttons as I can’t in any conscience have anyone contributing to these lunatic yarn size and prices.