Long Time No Hook!

Greetings everyone, and a Happy (although belated) New Year! I haven’t been doing much crochet over the past few months, mostly because I’ve been distracted by sewing, egads I caught the thread bug! But I have been making some cool things, I started out making this quilted wall hanging using fat quarters and fusible webbing, I call it ‘Water Garden’:


I was pretty pleased with how that came out for a first time quilting expedition, so I made my hubby this one – ‘Desert Mission’  for Christmas:


Since I don’t have the patience to sew together all the teeny little pieces it would have taken to do most of it, I painted muslin fabric with acrylic paints for the mission, trees, rock wall and clay bowl and hand-appliqued those onto the quilted background.  Although there’s a fair amount I would do differently on both if I did them over again, I do like how each came out. I am now in quilting H-E-double-hockey sticks trying to make a quilt for the bed (silly ambition), if it comes out presentable I’ll snap a pic and post it. This afternoon I finished some pillows I just adore, I’ll do a new post on them with pics and a link to the blog with the tutorial, they are sooo cute!

Hope everyone is having a spiffy and craft-filled new year, I have an idea for a crocheted afghan, if it pans out I’ll post the pattern after completion.


Just a Quick Update

Two new patterns coming soon, an afghan and a pot belly baby, the afghan is finished, just have to get a good picture of it and ready the pattern, still working on the new PB baby but it’s coming along fine.

I closed the dotcom site a little bit ago, I hope everyone who frequented there had time to save the new link to our WordPress home.

CraftIngénue.com Has a New Home

Greeting crocheters,

I hope this move hasn’t caused any confusion (or made too much work for the pattern link sites), I hadn’t intended on changing the site location until the blog section of the original site was removed and we were given the option to migrate the blog content here. After having successfully done that and looked into what was offered on WordPress, I decided to move everything here and close the original site.

All the content and patterns are now located here at our new home, I just need to make another page or two and we’ll be all set. I’ve updated all pattern links at Ravelry and left a notice on the pages at the .com site, if anyone comes across anything I’ve missed, or has any suggestions, please let me know.

Thanks again for all your kind words and support, you make all of this more worthwhile than I can say.

Hello world!

Well, we made the migration in one piece for the most part. You’ll have to forgive the one-word title above, I can’t find a place to change it if it’s changable at all.

Nm…found it.

I Have Not Forsaken Thee! LOL

The baby comforter is (finally) finished (hot work in the deep south summers), a Little’Uns is about to make his debut and another one will be on the way shortly, stay tuned for the pictures and patterns; and thanks for your enduring patience. 🙂