Pot Belly Baby Elephant

Scoot over to the Pot Belly Babies page and grab the free Pot Belly Babies Elephant pattern, your little one will never forget how nice your were to make this cuddily critter for them.


He’s So Jurassic

Crochet a baby T Rex and scare up a whole lotta love.

Free pattern available on the Little’ Uns page.

Before There Were Birds…

The trees were alive with the sound of Microceratus,  hopping among the branches and nibbling at the leaves.

Crochet one for your dinosaur fan, free pattern available on the Little ‘Uns page.

Give A Big Welcome…

To the newest Little ‘Un to step out of the past:

Little ‘Uns Hadrosaur

Free pattern available on the Little ‘Uns page.

Come Back A Little Further…

In the Mesozoic Era and meet Jobaria, one of the earliest sauropods to roam the Earth. Crochet her up, tie a bow around her neck, and gift her to your favorite Jurassic fanatic.

Free pattern on the Little ‘Uns page.

Feeling A Little Ancient?

Little ‘Uns Raptor has stepped out of the Cretaceous and is ready and waiting to become your little friend in the New World, drop by the Little ‘Uns page and grab the free pattern.

Be Ready For Cooler Weather

With this baby blanket in the bright sweet shades of old fashioned penny candy, an easy stitch pattern gives it a soft bumpy texture without being overly heavy.

Free pattern download available on the Afghans page.

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